Over the past 15 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Steve in various film and photography projects. I cannot begin to explain the level of dedication Steve undertakes to ensure the final product is everything I imagined and more. Tourism shoots are often begin hours before sunrise and end hours after sunset. Steve has an amazing ability to manage crew and talent, pushing them to go the distance and capturing the best action in the best light.

One of the advantages working with Steve is his ability to see a project through the eyes of both filmmaker and photographer; a rare gift that adds incredible value. Lighting changes and talent action requires subtle changes in film compared to stills. Steve completely understands those subtleties and handles them with ease.

Steve and I don’t always agree on creative direction—and that’s a good thing. As a creative director, my job is to recognize talent and let talent do what it does best—be talented. I trust Steve to make creative suggestions and changes, and in the end I always find myself saying “Steve was right.”

You won’t find a more talented and dedicated director. He’s the real deal.

Larry Lynn -- President/Creative Director Lynn Advertising Design

I've worked with Steve Murray on several occasions to capture both broadcast quality video, which were turned into award-winning TV spots and still photography for advertising. Not only is his team experienced, but they are very flexible, reliable and understand what it means to go over and beyond to get the shot. Their innovation helped me and my team capture stunning footage for our creative vision.

Don't have a standard rig to capture the shot? No problem, they will figure out how to make it happen, even if that means building something on the spot. It's that type of innovation that's helped me produce some of the best creative in recent years.

Lastly, Steve's attention to schedule and budget are second to none. He's very good at time management to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.

Neal Alfano -- Creative Director Miles Partnership

You’re a magician, my friend. The shots look fantastic. As always, you and your crew went above and beyond. I hope we get a chance to work together again soon.

Jason Piroth – Sr. Writer The Zimmerman Agency

You are truly one of the most talented photographers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Whether it’s the lenses, luck or some deal you made with The Devil, you always seem to take average subject matter and turn it into a breathtaking image. I’ve done a lot of shoots, and rarely do they EVER run as flawlessly as one of yours.

Rob Kerr – Creative Director The Zimmerman Agency

We all have this picture in our mind of want we want. Steve exceeds that. Over and over. But how can a guy with such a wonderful eye wear such gaudy shirts?

Jim Mountjoy – Creative Director Loeffler Ketchum Mountjoy

"I can honestly say the best part of working with Steve is when the job is over. Not that he isn't a good guy, and that he isn't pleasant to work with, because he is. But after many years and many jobs with Steve, I know when he says he has the job in the can, he has it. So when the shoot is over, you can relax, and await the arrival of great images. And to me, that's always the best part of a shoot."

Larry Bennett - Creative Director McKinney & Silver


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